Certification of sites and e-mails, with translations from all languages and to all languages, notarized translations, apostille, nostrification and consular legalization of documents, notary services, notary online content certification, notarization site, report of survey of web pages, lock stock quotes and exchange rates, the fixation of false advertising. Taking orders over the Internet and send the results by registered mail.

Other notarial services and counseling are not provided. We invite notaries in the regions and around the world.

Protocol sample (of notarized content), click to enlarge: 

Нотариальное заверение сайта Нотариальное заверение сайта Нотариальное заверение контента

Our service is designed for those who want to have notarized the contents of their or someone else's website or e-mails to a specific point in time. Assure something on your personal computer, we can not, in web only. Also, the notary does not undertake to certify the information available only to you, it should be available to all on the Internet.

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Нотариальное заверение

Нотариальное заверение

Notarization printout of the website to obtain the protocol in a notary's office in Moscow


Urgent notarized printout of the website to obtain the protocol in a notary's office in Moscow



Нотариальное заверение

Нотариальное заверение

Notarization printout of the website to obtain the protocol by registered letter


Urgent notarized printout of the website to obtain the protocol by registered letter


Нотариальное заверение

Нотариальное заверение

Certified translation of the document with the results in the notary office in Moscow
Certified translation of the document with the results by registered letter

Protect your rights:

 1. Certification is required in court to defend copyright on the content of sites, the author's text, author's art, design, photography, photos, videos, soundtracks, the idea of building a business, and other materials, which are covered by the concept of "intellectual property", "copyright and related rights". The registration of the patent on your invention and the "utility model" can last a long time, the procedure is ambiguous, and the result is not known in advance. We give the documents within a week or less.

2. To fix the terms of contracts, offers, terms and cost of services and selling products over the Internet. If the dispute with the seller or service provider you will be able to present a notarized printout of his site, it's hard to say that nothing like it has not offered. Also a e-mail correspondence can be notarized.

3. Notary commit any facts of your life, because nothing prevents you to put on a free service photo of road markings, which caused the accident. Or information about the open sewer manhole, a hole in the road. This document can be accepted by the court, even if the hatch is then closed, fixed markup and sprinkle pit.

4. Just to scare crooks and thieves. It is known that the best fight - one that did not happen. Looking at the document of notarization content plagiarist once again thinks to climb this fence. And after that, as he done, you will have a mechanism to communicate with him.

5. To fix the stock price, exchange rates, the conditions for tenders and calls for the supply of products and services, conditions of procurement. Evidential monitoring of commodity markets, false advertising, compliance with legislation on advertising. Certification of the shareholder register of intent, declarations about the quality of cucumbers.

Sites notarization procedure: 

1. You send us the address of web pages to be notarized (url).

2. Within one working day notary answers about the possibility of work. Can also act clarifying the term and price data due to the large amount of work, or the need to transform the data, time and cost of postage.

3. We email a proposal to pay the order. PayPal is accepted.

4. After the payment the notarial work is carried out. Time and cost - according to your preference.

5. The protocol will be sent to you by registered mail. If you take the receipt of the record in the notary's office, you receive an email invitation to come to the notary at the agreed time, no waiting at our office is needed. 

Warning: the commencement of the mandatory notarization content of web pages is the lack of production of general, commercial courts or administrative authorities of statements on the subject of securing evidence. That is reassuring content when it is already in court, it will be late. 

Send us a link to a site with addresses of pages to be notarized. The notary will examine the content on the site for the absence of banned content and technical viability of its notarization.

If the site contains any elements of Flash animations (except for banner ads), or dynamically changing graphical or textual information, may be subject to certification screenshots (snapshots) of all display options assures pages. For example, if a page set dynamically changing images three bikes, the notary certifies this page three times, as different pages. Please consider this when calculating your order.

Please do not send executable files (. bat,. com,. exe, etc. will not be considered).

Delivery to regions of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus HERE. Worldwide shipping HERE. Additionally, we are working with transport companies: 


Methods of payment, you can choose while ordering: non-cash payment in rubles and US dollars, electronic money, credit cards via PayPal & RBC Money. PayPal supports 24 currencies.

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Certification of e-mails:

E-mails can be certified by a notary of your choice.
Your mailbox, which stores correspondence, must be located in one of the e-mail services that are available to view and control in browser (for example, you use the mail mail.ru, yandex.ru gmail.com or using the browser Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, etc.). That is, the notary must using your username and password from your computer to the Internet to access your correspondence, print it out and notarize listing. Send to a preliminary analysis of the necessary details to access the notary to your mailbox. The preliminary analysis is needed to check for inappropriate content.

Please take care of that at the time of our access to your data in your box was not your information for common knowledge. Remove all irrelevant to a separate folder and lock it with a password. Do not spread your personal information on the network without the need! 

The translation notarization:

The translation of documents required when applying for a job in another country, buying and selling property, participation in legal proceedings, registration of intellectual and other property abroad, with foreign trade, etc. So you should find out what kind you need a certified translation. Just to keep in mind that notaries certify only those documents that have been translated by the authorized translation agency. The same applies to the apostille or consular legalization. Notarize your own work, no one will.

Types of certified translation:

 - Signature of an interpreter. Documents signed by a certified translator, accepted the embassies of Great Britain, Ireland, Austria, Germany and some other countries.

- Signature of interpreter and translation agency seal. Accepted for consideration in the offices of some of the tour operators and the embassies of some CIS countries.

- Notarization of translation. This certificate notary translator's signature on the basis of Art. 81 Principles of Legislation on Notaries.

Responsible for the translation is the translator, not the lawyer. Notary establishes the identity of an interpreter, assured signature of the person who is known to him as a translator, and that of which they set, captures the fact that the transfer was effected graduate, and all the necessary documents present his signature. With a notarized translation original document or a copy of it joins the translation, on the last page of a translator append his signature and the notary certifies its authenticity. In this case, the notary certifies the signature only graduate with higher linguistic education, and registered in the special register of the notary, the translator has to put his signature in the presence of a notary. Translation is attached to a document, or to its notarized copy, string together the signature of the notary seal.

- Apostille. This is a special symbol applied to the non-commercial nature of official documents originating from the institutions and organizations of the members of the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents.

Apostille certifies the signature, the capacity in which the person signing the document, and, in some cases, the authenticity of the stamp or seal, fastening document. Apostille does not require further certification or legalization of the document and is recognized by the authorities of all States parties to the Convention. Apostille can not be used if there are legal grounds for abolishing or simplifying the legalization of a document.

- Consular legalization. This is one way of legalization of documents for foreign trade, similar to an apostille.

In contrast, an Apostille is used for document management with organizations from countries not party to the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents (signed on October 5, 1961). Compared with Apostille, is more complex bilateral procedure.

- Nostrification (from it. Nostrifikation, from Lat. Noster - and our lat. Facere - do) - procedure for the recognition of international documents on higher and postgraduate education, it has the consent of the relevant government authorities for any legal validity of the documents in the State .

The decision on the recognition and the establishment of equivalence of international documents on higher and postgraduate education in the Russian Federation adopted the federal (central) education authorities on the basis of relevant international treaties.

LLC "Axelbant" offers information services for notarization of content sites and e-mails, as well as certified translation of documents. The decision about the possibility of such an assurance, each time taking a notary, so that in the provision of services you may be denied without explanation. Payment is taken only if the possibility of issuing a protocol on notarization confirmed by a notary. In this case, requests for notarial acts, we shall, on the network, your visit to the notary for this is not required. Result of work is sent to you by registered mail, and to speed up the procedure, you can get it in person at the relevant notarial office (Moscow). Getting possible to record without long hours of waiting in line.

Certification of e-mails require a notary access to your mailbox.

Basics of activity of LLC "Axelbant":

Notaries in the Russian Federation in accordance with the legislation on notaries (Law № 4462-I, dated 11 February 1993 (as amended).

We did not perform notarial acts, we give you the information service of the commission:

Chapter VIII. Notarial acts performed by notaries and authorized officials

Article 35. Notarial acts performed by notaries in private practice
Notaries in private practice, to perform the following notarial acts:
1) Make sure the transaction;
2) issue a certificate of ownership for a share in the common property of the spouses;
3) impose and lift ban on alienation of property;
4) evidence of copies of documents and extracts from them;
5) indicate the authenticity of signatures on documents;
6) indicate accuracy of the translation of documents from one language to another;
7) To certify that a citizen is alive;
8) To certify that a citizen in a certain place;
9) confirming the identity of the citizen with the person depicted in the photo;
10) confirming the time of submission of documents;
11) refer the application of natural and legal persons to other legal entities and individuals;
12) make a deposit monies and securities;
13) make the writ of execution;
14) make the protests of bills;
15) presenting checks for payment and certify the non-payment of checks;
16) take on the deposit of the instruments;
17) make sea protests;
18) provide evidence.
Legislative acts of the Russian Federation may provide for other notarial acts.

We give no guarantee that the court will take into consideration your materials or compensate for your expenses for notarial acts.

Tel: +7 495 506-68-69, +7 903 299-00-03, Email: 32239@list.ru
The content is notarized.

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